FOSE2015 Poster

Posted on November 26, 2015

CODE: Code Oriented Diagram Editor (ライブ論文)

大村裕, 渡部卓雄
ソフトウェア工学の基礎XXII (日本ソフトウェア科学会FOSE2015), レクチャーノート/ソフトウェア学, Vol. 41, 近代科学社, Nov., 2015.


We propose an advanced reading aid tool that targets source code using frameworks. This tool helps programmers by displaying abstraction level and code level views that automatically synchronize with each other. For example, the tool can be configured to display UML class/sequence diagram views and a code level view with debugging information, where each view shows the current execution point of the target code. One does not get lost after switching views from one to another since the tool provides properly synchronized views. The goal of this work is to show by experiments that the use of this tool increases the comprehensibility of existing source codes. This paper reports our current research progress in the development of the tool.